The Perspectives for the Introduction of Mandatory Medical Insurance in Armenia

On September 13, 2007 a fellowship presentation on "The Perspectives for the Introduction of Mandatory Medical Insurance in Armenia" was held at CRRC-Armenia premises. The the purpose was to present the results of the research conducted by Anahit Gulyan and Gayane Hrachyan, CRRC-Armenia 2006 fellows. The presentation was well attended considering that the topic is of high interest within the country.

The draft report was peer reviewed by Victor Aghadjanyan, Arizona State University and CRRC-Armenia Fellowship Selection Committee member, and was further developed to be presented to the public. In addition, the paper was reviewed and commented by Hayk Zayimtsyan, YSU, and Marine Payaslyan, “Arabkir” UFAR The discussants provided valuable comments both on the content and the methodology used during the research and made suggestion towards the improvement of the paper for its further dissemination.

After the presenter and the discussant expressed their opinions, the audience had a chance for a discussion. The latter was even more impressive since professionals within the sphere made their comments on the paper while presenting actual data and real and up-to-date information. Among the persons directly involved in the issue were Mr. Hovhannes Margaryants, Adviser to the Minister, Ministry of Health, Mr. Saro Tsaturyan, General Director, "Diagnostica" Medical Corp, Mr. Movses Aristakesyan, and others. Mrs. Gulyan thanked the public for their contribution and promised to improve the paper according to the advices where appropriate.
Anahit Gulyan's paper is available for download here. We will appreciate your feedback.