Competition Policy: Issues, International Experience and Armenian Reality

On November 22, 2007 CRRC-Armenia hosted a lecture "Competition Policy: Issues, International Experience and Armenian Reality" conducted by David Harutyunyan. The lecture was designed for professionals interested in the development, implementation and analysis of competition policy and focused on Armenian competition policy issues in the international context.

It addressed the following points: (1) The importance of competition protection policy and its main directions; (2) Analysis of anti-competitive behavior and market competition: methodology, theoretical issues and practice; (3) Competition legislation and the implementation of competition protection policy in Armenia: issues and possible solutions; (4) Competition culture and protection of consumer rights: international experience and Armenian reality; (5) Competition protection and judicial system: the applicability of international experience in Armenia.

PowerPoint slides of the presentation in Armenian (ZIP file format, 145 KB) are available for download here.

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Mr. David Harutyunyan has a Ph.D. in Economics from Yerevan State Institute of Economy (2003). He has worked within State Committee of the Republic of Armenia for the Protection of Economic Competition, in the Ministries of Economy, Trade and Industry, in Armenian Investment Company JSC, and within PADCO’s Social Reforms Project. Currently, Dr. Harutyunyan works as a Senior Capacity-Building Expert within Armenian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre (AEPLAC).