Data Quality Issues and Fixes

Fritz Scheuren, a professor at the University of Chicago and president of the American Statistical Association, presented a well-received lecture at CRRC-Armenia to an audience of students, lecturers, statisticians and other members of the sociology community in Yerevan on June 3, 2009.

His lecture highlighted some of the main problems and challenges in assessing data quality, in particular data repair. His explanations illustrated some of the steps and precautions that organizations, such as CRRC, must take into consideration when assessing the outcomes of their surveys.

Dr. Scheuren’s associate, Ali Mushtak, provided a further explanation of the important statistical method of raking data. This application of data allows for the matching to previous known data, while at the same time not sacrificing the information quality or achieved proportions.
The lecture was well received by members of the Armenian sociological and statistical community, who applauded Dr. Scheuren and Mushtak for their insightful contributions to survey data quality. Dr. Scheuren in turn applauded the Armenian experts for the high standards they had set in their assessment of data quality thus far, creating a precedent for statistical excellence.