Monetary Symbols of the Armenian Dram, U.S. Dollar and Euro

On April 22, 2010 CRRC-Armenia together with Chair of Finances and Accounting, Faculty of Economics at YSU organized a lecture on Monetary Symbols of the Armenian Dram, U.S. Dollar and Euro conducted by Karen Komendaryan. One of the creators of Armenian sign Mr. Komendaryan presented the history and similarities of three monetary signs to thirty-five participants most of them students from YSU, representatives of “ICIRLD” and SEUA.

Mr. Komendaryan discussed the U.S. dollar sign and provided several interesting versions of how the dollar sign first appeared passing on the Spanish-Mexican peso, a Spanish coat of arms engraved on colonial silver, a Roman coin - the Sestertius, two pillars in the Temple of Solomon, and a sign used on the German Thaler. He also talked about the euro’s symbol focusing on its creation, the meaning of two lines of euro sign, comparing it with balance and equation.

At the end of presentation Mr. Komendaryan spoke about Armenian dram, particularly about “Dram” word and its broad wide usage outside of Armenia. He noted that the Armenian dram has its own symbol, adopted in 2001, which is a direct projection of the Armenian alphabet. He also spoke about his new project, the implementation of the national currency park.