Caucasus Barometer 2010 Presentation

On May 25, 2011, CRRC-Armenia Country Director Heghine Manasyan presented the results of Caucasus Barometer 2010 research results, conducted in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia simultaneously among 6000 households. Caucasus Barometer collects data on household attitudes on economic, social, political and other vital issues in the South Caucasus. These surveys have been carried out since 2004, giving a unique opportunity to compare the data through years and across South Caucasus countries.

The participants of the presentation were welcomed by the Deputy Director of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Nerses Yeritsyan. He highly valued the importance of information, its collection and analysis. Mr. Yeritsyan emphasized the role of NGOs like CRRC that very often directly or indirectly greatly serve the interests of the society, collecting and providing valuable information.

The presentation was mainly attended by researchers, NGO and government representatives, policy analysts and other interested parties. It was followed by question and answer session. The questions were mainly about the methodology of the survey and further opportunities to analyse the existing data.