Basics of Statistical and Econometric Analysis using SPSS

Ten participants attended seven day methodological training on Basics of Statistical and Econometric Analysis using SPSS conducted by Ruben Gevorgyan, Ph.D.

The training, which had e-learning and face-to-face components, aimed at providing social scientists with quantitative analysis skills. Participants applied online for the course through Moodle online platform. Short listed applicants later passed some basic tests online. The goal of this phase was to test participants’ statistical and econometric analysis skills, and learn their expectations on the course, which helped in finalizing the content of the 2nd, face-to-face part of the training course.

The face-to-face training took place from December 10-21, 2007. The training content included data collection, modeling and data analysis methods and focused on statistical and econometric analyzes using SPSS and Excel software packages skipping complicated mathematical approaches. It will included practical part during which the participants analyzed data collected in Armenia.

During the final phase, starting from December 24, 2007 the course moderator provides online assistance by answering to the participants’ questions that they may have during their practice of statistical and econometric analyses.

Dr. Gevorgyan’s scientific publications mostly refer to econometric modeling of financial markets in transition countries. He teaches courses on econometrics, special courses on financial mathematics, econometric analysis methods of financial markets, and behavioral finance at YSU Department of Economics.