Experience of European Cities and Implications for Yerevan

Capital cities are an easily defined but poorly understood class of cities. Often reflected in urban research as administrative centers, capitals have very different functions and role in the historical development of any nation. Established government systems of national Capital cities even in European countries face challenges and the need of transformation.

On October 10-11, during the workshop "Government Systems in the Capital Cities: Experience of European Cities and Implications for Yerevan," Dian Schefold explored the position and the government system of the Capital City in Germany, providing some thought on its applicability to Yerevan, and discussed the draft Law on Local-Self Government of Yerevan. The workshop attracted 20 participants from National Assembly, Ministry of Territorial Administration, Communities Finance Officers Association, USAID, different universities and non-government organizations.

Dr. Schefold is a Professor of Public Law at the University of Bremen. His degrees include Dr. jur. Basle 1961, Advocate Basle 1964, Habilitation Berlin 1970; since then Professor first Berlin, then Bremen. Dr. Schefold has been involved in several research projects, including projects funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Bremen public authorities, Hans Böckler-Stiftung, and Fritz Thyssen-Stiftung. He is an author of 17 books and 200 articles on public law, democracy and local self-governance.


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