Northern Caucasus: The Role of Civil Society in Conflict Prevention

The project "Cooperation for the Prevention of Ethnic Conflicts" has started in November 2007 with the financial assistance from "The Conflict Prevention Pool" British foundation and carried out by the CIC and the Caucasus Section of the Institute of Ethnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The project aimed to assess the interethnic situation in Northern Caucasus and around it and to specify the role of civil society in interethnic conflict prevention process. Within the project, three conferences took place, and the materials have been published in a separate book, which is available for download here.

On January 9, 2009, CRRC-Armenia, together with the Center for Interethnic Cooperation (CIC, Moscow), hold the project and book presentation on the topic of Northern Caucasus and the role of civil society in conflict prevention. The presentation was conducted by the director of the CIC, Ashot Hayrapetyan.