The Prime Minister of Armenia Urges to Improve Business Environment in Armenia after the Publication of "Doing Business 2011" Report

Shortly after the publication of "Doing Business 2011" report (the details of which were presented in the previous posting of this blog) the Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan organized a consultative meeting on business environment improvement in Armenia. The Prime Minister stated that all respective agencies were ordered to take the necessary steps for improving all ranks of Armenia in Doing Business report, published annually by World Bank.

According to the Prime Minister, one of the reasons why Armenia has not improved its positions compared to the previous year is the slow speed of reforms in Armenia. The main problem is the tax administration in Armenia (country's worst rank in the latest report, 159 among 183 countries).

During the meeting Deputy Minister of Economy Karine Minasyan has presented a plan for the improvement of business environment in the country. The Prime Minister has ordered to create working groups and within 10 days to present suggestions on how to radically improve the business environment in the republic.

The first response on the government level to the results of "Doing Business 2011" report is already in action. Hopefully the necessary measures will be taken for improving business opportunities in Armenia and in "Doing Business 2012" report Armenia will have substantially improved its position.