The Armenian Government: A Parent or an Employee on the Way To Democracy?

By Armine Mkhitaryan, 
CRRC-Armenia Junior Fellow

In this post, the readiness for democracy is operationalized into two indicators: government as a parent or as an employee. Literature suggests that if people treat the government as an employee it means they are completely ready for democracy (Bessete & Pitney 2013; Slatter 2004; Diamond 1989).

Source: CRRC Caucasus Barometer, 2015

The Caucasus Barometer survey in 2015 by Caucasus Research Resource Center-Armenia finds that while most Armenians (78%) say they see the government as a parent and only 22% as an employee, more than 56% of respondents still estimated democracy as “Absolutely important”. Some factors such as a high level of education, high financial status or high social status were analyzed to see if those stand behind such a wish for democracy. The findings reflected in infographics above illustrate that high level of education, high financial status and high social status do not necessarily assume more positive attitude towards democracy (CRRC Caucasus Barometer 2015; World Values Survey 2014).

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